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Wild Civet Coffee - Kopi Luwak Liar

Update Terakhir
13 / 10 / 2023
Min. Pembelian
1 Kilogram (Kg)
Harga Mulai
Rp. 600.000
Sampai dengan
Rp. 2.000.000

Detail Wild Civet Coffee - Kopi Luwak Liar

Detail Wild Civet Coffee - Kopi Luwak Liar
Kopi luwak is a coffee that consists of partially digested coffee cherries, which have been eaten and defecated by the Asian palm civet. It is also called civet/Luwak coffee. The cherries are fermented as they pass through a civet's intestines, and after being defecated with other fecal matter, they are collected.

Luwak a type of exotic cat found in Indonesia and other parts of Southeast Asia. In other words, the palm civet, a small animal about the size of house cat, eats coffee cherries and passes the coffee beans through its body undigested.

The beans undergo a process not unlike fermentation in the palm civet’s gut. Digestive enzymes break down the proteins, shortening the peptides, and freeing some of the bean’s amino acids (we can call this naturaly fermentation). This process results in a softer, smoother final result once the beans are gathered, cleaned, roasted, ground, and brewed into coffee.

Kopi is Indonesian for coffee and the palm civet is known locally as the luwak. People then gather these beans, wash them, roast them, and then sell them as some of the world’s most expensive coffee beans.

There are some step for luwak coffee produce become high quality product
1. Where : Luwak eaten coffee cherry from Arabica and Robusta plantation. The rare production luwak coffee, if the plantation for single varietal of coffee such as (Typica only, USDA only, Long berry only, with rare of varietal or peaberry type, the more rare varietal the more expensive luwak coffee) and luwak eaten coffee from other to another plantation with freely migration to seeking the best cherries from ripe perfect aroma, they would like to eaten. The healtier plantation minimum pestiside or chemical touch, will bring good quality of Kopi luwak.

2. When : Collecting coffee from luwak digest in several spot of plantation, Luwak only eat ripe red cherry only for snack, not for primary food. Therefore coffee luwak suggest to collect maximum 3-7 days after luwak digest, if the coffee already took long for collecting from the ground of plantation, the quality coffee will be decrease, assume there are insect, or other material outside coffee which cause deffect flavor of coffee.

3. Process & Who : Collecting coffee from wild luwak in plantation, should handle immediately, clean washed two times from luwak feces material (the process similiar like washed coffee "Semi Giling Basah" almost process Farmer's in Indonesia), quality of Greenbean depend on coffee luwak found until process fermentation of coffee (post harvest process of coffee). Some of processor of Kopi luwak, inherit competency process to produce Kopi luwak, because there are some procedure to produce good quality of Kopi luwak. Certified competency for processing kopi luwak has 3 years lisence. If the processor illegal to proceed kopi Luwak (fraud, manipulate, producing and blending with regular coffee) they licensed certificate competency will be taken from BNSP, name of processor will be blacklisted for gaining Processor Luwak Kopi (National State Certificate Republic of Indonesia)

4. How to Keep in Good Quality : Kopi Luwak storage in jute bag with hermetic plastic, to prevent odor, leakage, and incoming material from outside coffee. Frequently in several time, the coffee will sun drying for an hours to keep and maintaint moisture - good quality Kopi luwak. Some production from origin the more longest they keep kopi luwak in storage, the more expensive the coffee, aging coffee - coffee's lover who has health issue such as cardio vascular by pass operating, they can still enjoy the luwak coffee without worrying caffeine in Kopi luwak. Caffeine in kopi luwak (Arabica - Robusta) is lowest compare to regular coffee in Arabica and Robusta.

5. Tasting note : Kopi Luwak has unique taste of flavor, from Sweet to super Juicy Sweet, Sweet Flowery aromatic, Smooth acidity lingering, tropical fruit that can not found in other than Indonesia. The journey from seed to cup, from wild civet and brew it to your cup, has a magnificent experience when it taste Kopi Luwak.

6. The more difficult (post harvest process anaerobic - wine - honey, rare varietal, how to collecting from plantation, organic plantation, small capacity production) made Kopi luwak appreciate by their coffee's lover fans, thats why the price is limitless. In our knowledge, there's kopi Luwak sold millions because of the rare and difficult the Kopi luwak produce. ie : rare varietal of arabica, single varietal, type peaberry only, process honey

7. Enjoy Kopi Luwak, read all article carefully about Kopi Luwak, knowing the coffee experience by not judging the controversy

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