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  LOKASI :  Surabaya

  AKTIVITAS :  12/09/2019


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Kopi Coffee Flores Bajawa Manggarai

The main production of Flores Robusta comes from this region. In this very fertile area, fine coffees are cultivated on small garden-like farms at an altitude of 1100 to 1500m. The main varieties planted under abundant shade trees are Typica and S795. Cup-wise the coffee is well balanced, has sweet, flowery notes and a medium acidity. It is sweet, floral (appropriately since Flores means Flowers), with good syrupy body, and a clean cup overall. The main picking period will take place from May to July. A group of nearly 800 farmers stands behind the production of the Flores Bajawa A/WP1 Organic (Control Union) and Rainforest Alliance certified coffee. The processing of the cherries takes place in a total of 14 central washing stations/processing units owned by the cooperatives. They fulfil the high standards of sustainable and environmentally friendly production. 
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